ReFInvest LLC


Research Financing and Investors Relations

for implementation of developed products

and services into construction industry.


Established 2003 in West Palm Beach, FL

Re-established 2017 in Houston, TX




ReFInvest LLC


Lines of Business Activity:


1. Financing research and development

of anti-seismic technology products

and services for construction industry.


2. Licensing customers for implementation

of developed products and services.


3. Management of royalty funds, received

from customers for implementation

of developed products and services.




ReFInvest LLC

is currently implementing


RebarLock Products Line

of RebarLock LLC


RebarLock StiffToFlex™

Technologies for Disaster-proof*

Construction Systems and Structures.


* Earthquake, hurricane and tornado high wind,

fire, flood, mudslide, and termites resistant




RebarLock Current Product:


RebarLock™ StiffToFlex™

Disaster-proof Precast Concrete

Construction Systems and Structures





PreConSyst™ Technology:


1. Reduces time and cost of design and

construction by 50%, and


2. Cuts total cost of structures by 25%,

while, in the same time,


3. Improves earthquake-resistance of

reinforced concrete structures,


 compared to current cast-in-place and

precast concrete technologies.




PreConSyst™ Current Phase:


PreConSyst™ Technology

is ready for implementation

into construction industry

by ReFInvest LLC.




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